Design Your Own Suit   Design Your Own Shirt

Why Bespokeway?

Our Suits are built to exacting standards, and inspected a dozen times for quality and accuracy at different steps in the build process. Every piece of clothing is worked on by an experienced master tailor, suits take at least 30 hours of work. Quality canvases chest piece and hand stitched button holes are things we routinely do.

Why Buy from Bespokeway?

We save your records for your future orders. All jackets are fully lined with the highest quality fabrics, and slacks are lined to the knee. All seams are reinforced for maximum durability. For the last 25 years our family run business has produced custom-made suits of the highest quality. Our Master tailor has over 30 years of tailoring experience. Every aspect of your suit will be hand-cut and tailored uniquely to your personal 'pattern' to ensure you look your best and feel totally Comfortable & Confident whatever the occasion.